Issue #6: The most unproductive week ever 🦥

A working week of 5h

Usually, even during busy weeks, I find a way to be still productive. But not this time. 😅 

I had a nasty food intoxication that KO-ed me for a few days with fever and nausea 🤢, a small planned surgery on the lower back (nothing serious, just a lipoma removal), and it was also my wife’s bday ❤️.

Nonetheless, I still have a few interesting updates. 🥁 

Testing the boilerplate

First of all, hold on to your enthusiasm! 😂 

Last week I mentioned that I was aiming to have a polished MVP by now, but having worked only 5 hours would have been quite an astonishing achievement. 😅 

But I had the time to start and assess how much time the boilerplate would have saved me. I started tracking the time from having nothing to having the skeleton of a new product that has:

  • a webapp, a BFF, an API, and a database up and running live on production hosted on Render,

  • autodeploy on GitHub merge for all services,

  • a custom domain with a corresponding Google Workspace,

  • authentication through Clerk with LinkedIn social connection,

  • error reporting with Sentry for all pieces of the stack,

  • automatic collection of users’ emails on MailerLite for marketing campaigns,

  • billing integration with Stripe including webhook integration for handling subscription and customers’ changes,

  • a new palette and a new logo.

As you see, many of these also require some manual operations and this is how it looks like right now:

Current status of EchoWords

All this took me 3 hours and 45 minutes. 🎉 

I think it’s quite good! I remember that for NextCommit it took me quite some time to get here.

Once I finish writing this issue, I’ll get back to working on it to have it ready by next week. 🤞 

NextCommit SEO updates

In the last issue, I shared how having added company pages seemed to help as the latest data point on Google Search Console was a spike. This is the screen that I shared:

Google Search Console Performance - Last 28 days (as per last week)

Look at how it looks now:

Google Search Console Performance - Last 28 days

It was not a one-day spike! 🥳 

There seems to be a descending trend, and the number of clicks is mostly unchanged, but let’s see how it will behave in the next weeks.

The number of indexed pages also spiked as the crawler is catching up with the company pages.

Google Search Console Indexed Pages

The fact that the company pages are the main cause of this, is highlighted by checking what are the queries that brought the most impression in the last 7 days.

Google Search Console Top Queries - Last 7 days


As expected, this was shorter than usual, but I hope you still enjoyed it! 👋 

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Overview of current status

Here are some snapshots of different stats.



In the last 7 days, I got:

  • +9 signups, now at 171 (+5.6%)

  • 16 active users (sum of daily active users, not weekly unique active users) (it was 18, -11%)

Clerk Summary Stats

Clerk Sign-Ups - Last 7 days

Clerk Active Users - Last 7 days


Stripe Gross volume - All time

Plausible Analytics

Analytics for the landing - Last 7 days

Analytics for the app - Last 7 days

Google Search Console

Google Search Console Performance - Last 7 days

Google Search Console Indexed Pages

Personal branding


X Premium analytics

Beehiiv newsletter

Beehiiv Analytics

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